heartmind Lab brings together a team of scientists and academics to combine the most recent breakthroughs in Western science with the wisdom and practices of the ancient Orient.

You will be taken on a personalised journey of self-rediscovery to reset the balance between your bodily ecosystem and the external environment. heartmind Lab is a truly multidisciplinary workshop, tailored to the needs of individuals and groups, which allows you to trace the map of your inner world and chart a course through the complex labyrinth of life.

To this end, genetics, neuroscience and cutting-edge stem cell research enter into dialogue with the traditions of the internal styles of Chinese martial arts, Taoist thought and Indian disciplines promoting harmony of body and mind.

Participants will be guided by masters, researchers and teachers through the discovery of the heart-brain axis and the ties between Oriental disciplines and contemporary Western research. Together, they will explore the fundamentals of a new model of self-growth founded on the innate potential of the individual.


Carlo Ventura

Carlo Ventura

Full Professor of Molecular Biology, School of Medicine, University of Bologna; Laboratory Director of Molecular Biology and Bioengineering of Stem Cells, Biostructures and Biosystems National Institute (INBB), Eldor Lab—Accelera- tor of Innovation CNR, Bologna. He is a member of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and author of hundreds of papers for leading international journals of cellular and molecular biology.

Andrea Brighi

Andrea Brighi

Vice-President of the Italian Rolfing® Structural Integration Association and President of the Italian Chin Woo Athletic Association A.S.D. He has practised martial arts since the age of six and perfected his skills under Master Carlo Tonti. He combines the teaching of Kung Fu and Taiji Quan with the rigorous discipline of the Rolfing® Method, of which he is a qualified practitioner. He is the co-creator of the experienced-based method “Body Full Body Empty”.

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