Regain control of your own body. Learn to manage stress. Eliminate the “background noise” which is the soundtrack to contemporary living, contaminating the mind and uprooting us from the here and now. Learn to distribute your weight correctly and maintain good posture, but also to expand the limits of your psychophysical ability. Rediscover therefore a state of perfect balance, which allows us to remaster our physical and mental dimensions, nurturing internal energy and increasing the performative potential of our bodies.

All of this is encompassed within heartmindlab, a project that unites the rigour of the Western scientific method and the vast heritage of the spiritual disciplines and internal martial arts of the ancient Orient, passed down through generations of masters to the present day.

Stemming from a view of the human body as a bioenergetic system following universal laws which apply regardless of philosophy, culture or religion, we propose a holistic approach which unites the science of the mind and the artfulness of the heart, martial art techniques and the breakthroughs of the most cutting-edge research laboratories, with the ultimate aim of recovering the equilibrium between the bodily ecosystem and the external environment.



In combining experience-based and meditative oriental disciplines with various fields of experimental research, heartmindlab promotes the union of the spiritual and the material long-abandoned by a purely mechanistic view of the universe, re-establishing a harmonious relationship between the two dimensions to arrive at a unified vision of existence.

It is, in fact, only through focusing on the multidimensional aspect of ancient oriental practices (the physical, energetic and spiritual dimensions) that it is possible to re-establish this broken existential continuum, activating profound transformative processes capable of recovering the full richness and complexity of the human being.

Heartmindlab offers a fruitful collaboration between Chinese and Indian bioenergetic techniques and the most recent discoveries in contemporary Western science (from stem cell research to neuroscience, from epigenetics to subatomic physics, from quantum mechanics to the theory of morphogenetic fields), which have by now clearly highlighted the presence of a heartbrain axis able to control many cerebral functions and various aspects of the cognitive sphere, opening the way to a future regenerative medicine based on the intrinsic self-healing potential of the individual.