Thanks to collaboration between internationally-renowned scientists and masters considered amongst the best in their respective arts of the body and mind, heartmindlab offers a method of study and training based on the ideas of internal oriental disciplines (martial arts and yoga) and Taoist philosophy, in constant dialogue with the most recent developments in Western science.

It provides technical tools and training methods within the context of a permanent laboratory of self-transformation, encouraging the assim- ilation and harmonisation of the energies of the cosmos (external natural environment) and of the microcosm (human body).

The proposed method combines in-depth theoretical-scientific study, in which East and West are considered with respect to their contributions to the individual, and workshops and seminars led by scientists and masters in which the participants have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the concepts studied by putting them into practice.

Disciplines and Educational Activities

Research and training

Format and courses tailored to the needs of individuals and groups.

Conferences and seminars
Beginner, advanced and intensive courses Theoretical-practical workshops
Books and multimedia teaching materials Personalised guidance


Martial arts training

Internal styles for harmonious development of the body and mind.

Chen and Yang styles of Taiji Quan Xin Yi Quan
Ba Gua Zhang


Bioenergetic disciplines

Techniques to promote energy, flexibility and relaxation.

Tao G.E.D. (Global Energetic Development) Qi Gong
Nei Gong
Taoist Alchemy


RolfingĀ® Structural Integration