HeMiGED Research Group

heartmindlab is a project by HeMiGED (Heart-Mind Global Energetic Development) Research Group, a research initiative founded by Carlo Ventura, Flavio Daniele and Andrea Brighi. HeMiGED Research Group works to investigate the psycho-energetic and physical development of the individual, collaborating on projects with research teams, academics and international professionals.

The mission of HeMiGED Research Group is to combine cutting-edge Western science and Oriental internal martial arts in pursuit of the harmonious development of the body and mind.

With heartmindlab, HeMiGED Research Group presents a series of innovative methods, encompassing the practical and the theoretical, aimed at the total well-being of the individual.


Flavio Daniele

Engineer and master of Taiji Quan, Xin Yi Quan and Nei Gong. A top student of Master Guo Ming Xu, he is the founder and director of the Nei Dan School of Internal Martial Arts and international vice-president of WACIMA (Worldwide Association for Chinese Internal Martial Arts), a global association which brings together masters from China and the West. He has practised martial arts since 1967 and is the author of seven books on the subject, including La Quarta Via del Tao: La Via del Cuore (The Fourth Way of the Tao: The Way of the Heart) (2016).


Carlo Ventura

Full Professor of Molecular Biology, School of Medicine, University of Bologna; Laboratory Director of Molecular Biology and Bioengineering of Stem Cells, Biostructures and Biosystems National Institute (INBB), Eldor Lab—Accelerator of Innovation CNR, Bologna. He is a member of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and author of hundreds of papers for leading international journals of cellular and molecular biology.


Andrea Brighi


Vice-President of the Italian Rolfing® Structural Integration Association and President of the Italian Chin Woo Athletic Association A.S.D. He has practised martial arts since the age of six and perfected his skills under Master Carlo Tonti. He combines the teaching of Kung Fu and Taiji Quan with the rigorous discipline of the Rolfing® Method, of which he is a qualified practitioner. He is the co-creator of the experienced-based method “Body Full Body Empty”.